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VietSolutions Ltd. is the consultancy company that specialises in helping and/or collaborating with clients and its partners in technology transfer and investments as well as related businesses between Vietnam and Europe, with the focus on Vietnam's market.


With the stable economic growth in recent years, Vietnam is the promising place for foreign investors. Especially, attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) has always been a key part of Vietnam’s external economic affairs in the coming years. The FDI inflow exceeded $22 billion in 2013, an increase of more than 35% compared to 2012. Economic growth of Vietnam between 1991 and 2010 averaged 7.5% each year and, despite the many difficulties the country faced between 2011 and 2013, GDP growth still rose by 5.6%. VietSolutions was established to provide consultancies and reliable networks with local companies and resources, to meet the need related to the potential business and investment opportunities between Vietnam and Europe, especially in the areas of the technology transfer and investments in Vietnam.

VietSolutions works closely with clients and its partners to develop potential investments and businesses via its strong networks and partnership with professionals and key decision makers in Vietnam, with more than 2000 local professionals who received overseas Master and PhD degrees and currently playing key roles in many important sectors in Vietnam. The company covers the wide range of working areas in technology transfer and investments, including design and manufacturing, information and telecommunication technologies, eco and sustainability, biomedical engineering, medicine, aerospace and military equipments, architecture, real estates and property, oil, gas and energy


VietSolutions Ltd. and its partners have strong experiences, management skills and leaderships in the following areas: 

  • Consultancy and Networking Services about investments and businesses in Vietnam, especially new investments in Hi-tech products and services
    • Consultancy and Networking Services With a strong network of both local and international experts in wide range areas of applications and services, focussing on the market and business between Vietnam and EU, VietSolutions Ltd. provides effective consultancy and networking services for overseas companies and partners working on investments and businesses in Vietnam, especially in the following areas: Design and manufacturing, Information and Telecommunication technologies, E-Commerce & IT Outsourcing, Eco and Sustainability, Biomedical engineering, Medicine and Pharmacy, Aerospace and Military Equipments, Architecture, Real Estates and Property, Oil, Gas and Energy.
  • Technology Transfer - Research and Development
    • VietSolutions Ltd. works closely with the well-established research centres and institutes to provide the R&D and technology transfer activities as well as training courses, especially for the companies in Vietnam and ASEAN countries.
  • Product Design and Development, Manufacturing and Products outsourcing
    • VietSolutions Ltd works closely with its partnership companies to provide design and manufacturing services, especially the high precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining, Reverse Engineering, Product Design and Development.
  • ICT Solution and software development, E-commerce & IT outsourcing
    • ICT Solution VietSolutions Ltd. works closely with its partners to provide software development and distributions, E-commerce & IT outsourcing, especially in the areas of developing the mobile games as well as professional software and ICT solutions for companies from Japan, US and EU.
    • We have strong ICT expertise and experiences, especially the following ones: TeleMedicine, Mobile Games, Mobile Marketing, E-commerce, M-Commerce, Education management, Animation Interactive Books, Data Mining: Big Data Analysis, Graph Mining, Text Mining, Omics Data Analysis, Semantic Search Engine, Business Intelligence, Scoring System, Development and management of Data, Software, and Web; Network Information Service (NIS), Business process management, ISO system, ITIL, Balance score card, KPI, Telecom networks, Wireless networks, IT infrastructures, Database, ICT applications.

  • Medical supplies, Educational equipment, Educational games,
  • Import and export services
  • Technical support services, including: Market surveys, Ground activities, Customer visits, Interviews, Seminar-Workshops-/Demonstrations, and After-sale services
  • Set up new businesses and representative offices for Investors in Vietnam
  • Offer local representative offices in Vietnam.
  • Buy and sell Vietnam-made products as reasonable price and competitive services, including import & export and services for agriculture products (rice, coffee, pepper, and cashew nuts), furniture, garments, seafood, pharmaceutical products, and food supplements.
  • Architecture and Urban Planning and Management


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